The Best Hairstyles for the Clean Shaven Look on Any Face Shape

The beard is no longer the biggest thing in men’s hair fashion. In fact, the decline began a few years ago in Western Europe, just as the trend was heating up in Southeast Asia. It’s 2018. The beard trend has also significantly gone down in the region. The only men left with those beards are those who really like the look, regardless of relevance. Men have also changed back their hairstyles to simpler ones.

This brings us to this article’s topic: which are the best hairstyles for the clean-shaven look. More and more guys are now having haircuts to complement their beard-less jawlines. And if you’re raring to get off the “hipster” bandwagon, you’ve loaded the right webpage.

Here are just some of the best hairstyles that go well with the clean-shaven look for men of different face shapes.

The Best Hairstyles for the Clean Shaven Look

Taper and Fade for Men with Square Face Shape

Men with a face square shape possess a sharp and broad jawline that reaches up to the cheekbones or ears. They have wide and anglular temples as well.

The taper and fade fits most guys but fits men with this face shape the best. To achieve this hairstyle, ask your barber to give the hair on the sides a close trim. The hair on your crown should remain longer and styled upward. The thicker your hair, the longer your hair on top should be.

Another nice haircut for square-shaped men is the buzz cut.

Classic High and Tight for Men with Triangular Shaped Faces

Men who have triangular shaped faces have wide cheekbones that taper to a pointed chin. Their jawlines look softer and less angular.

The side part is a good hairstyle for men who have less angular yet defined faces. This requires you to keep the hair on your sides closely shaved and the hair on top of your hair slightly longer than a buzz cut. If you want to keep your hair long, you can just do a classic side part.

Both of these hairstyles go well with a little stubble, so you don’t need to do a close shave to look good. Don’t wear a goatee – it will make your face look more pointy than it is.

Crew Cut for Round Shaped Faces

Round shaped face guys have rounded jawlines and temples.

The crew cut hairstyle is comprised of faded sides and back, and short hair on top. Another hairstyle that would suit you is the Quiff. To make this fifties-era hairstyle work, ask for a fade or undercut on the sides while keeping your hair on top long enough to be styled high.

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