Shaving Subscription Boxes vs. Regular Shavers

shaving subscription to look clean-shaven

Subscription boxes are becoming more popular these days. These boxes are packages of stuff you like or need delivered monthly to your doorstep. It’s a great alternative for people who are too busy at work or home to go shopping. Efficiency and guaranteed quality are the top reasons why people get subscription boxes. Shaving subscription boxes are one of the more popular types of subscription packages for men.

Shaving subscription boxes differ from brand-to-brand. There are some subscriptions that offer only a shaver and a monthly supply of blades. They’re less expensive and provide you with your most basic need – a shaver. Then there are also subscriptions that provide you with a complete shaving kit. Aside from a shaver and blades, these kits also include shaving soaps, brushes, and an aftershave. These are a lot pricier.

In any case, signing up for a subscription box is better than buying an ordinary shaver. Here are the reasons why.

Why shaving subscription boxes are better than regular shavers.

The purchasing process is more efficient.

You can process your subscription online. No need for you to take monthly trips to Watsons to replace your regular shaver or get new blades. You’ll just have to sit back, relax and anticipate the delivery of your box.

Sure you could buy shaver online from online marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee. But that would require you to make monthly transactions. Signing up for subscriptions only need you to make a single transaction every year or six months. That’s far more efficient.

The quality is better.

A lot of people go for the big brands in shaving. But because big brands manufacture regular commercial shavers in bulk, they cannot assure consistent product quality. The quality that big brands assure the consumer public is only equivalent to the shavers’ prices.

Shaving subscription services provide the same expertise but assure higher quality. That means they they check each shaver, blade cartridge and shaving product meticulously before delivering it to you.

Shaving subscription box services are a lot better at customer service.

What if you buy a regular shaver from a big brand and it rusts faster than you expect? Then you can’t just complain and ask them for a replacement. That would take you months! You need to buy another one, which is a waste of time and resources.

Shaving subscription services respond faster and personalize their solutions. Shaving subscription companies ensure the best customer service that big brands can never really fully realize.

You get to personalize your shaver.

You only have a few options available when you buy a regular shaver from the drugstore. Shaving subscription services let you customize your subscriptions, from the color of your shaver, number of blade cartridges, to the type of shaving soap according to your skin type.

There you have it – the pros of signing up for a shaving subscription versus buying a regular shaver. Now that you know, are you ready to sign up for your first ever shaving subscription box?



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