Why Shaving is an Important Grooming Choice for Your Career

Shaving is one of the most basic grooming activities men do. But even if it seems like a routinary thing, it’s actually something that can help you start your career right.

In the book “The Handicap Principle“, physiologist Avishag Zahavi and evolutionary biologist Amotz Zahavi say that having a beard is a sign that of a man’s competitive ability. Pragmatically speaking, a beard is a handicap. because rivals can easily grab them during fights. Sporting a beard tells a male rival that he can fight despite having that “handicap”. Many other studies find that the beard is an effective macho defense mechanism, not just against rivals or enemies, but also dirt and illness. For these reasons, people generally find men with beards more confident and aggressive looking.

According to the website The Art of Manliness, looking clean-shaven or sporting no facial hair conveys that a man is sociable and is particular with his health and cleanliness. The website also states that society sees men who have less or no facial hair seem less manly.

Beards and social / career status

A 2012 study by ecologist Barnaby Dixson and psychologist Paul Vasey in the journal Behavioral Ecology reports that men in higher positions in society and the community have beards. This goes in contrast with the findings of a global electric shaver brand’s study on men, careers, and facial hair.

According to them, people who hold high career positions are clean-shaven. The study states that states that “The vast majority of CEOs, millionaires and billionaires are clean-shaven.” Successful writers and academics also tend to shave all their facial hair.

On the contrary, the brand also found that successful entrepreneurs and men in the tech field have beards or just a bit of stubble. Actors and celebrity athletes also sport facial hair.

This goes to show that having career success can help you decide what your look will be. But being clean-shaven can help jumpstart your career.

The importance of shaving when starting out

Peter Harris of Workopolis advises new graduates and job hunters to go for a clean-shaven look or a well-groomed beard, to satisfy the preferences of different hiring managers. He says, “I’ve heard hiring managers complain about young men turning up for interviews with several days’ worth of stubble on their faces. For some people this is simply fashion, it’s rugged and manly. Other people, however, see it as sloppy and a lack of proper grooming.” Davis’ personal preference is to look clean-shaven because it makes him seem more serious and authoritative when discussing serious issues. Stubble is completely a no-no, both for job hunters and men in tenured jobs.

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