Places for Wheelchair Rental in Singapore

If you have movement difficulties, you may need a wheelchair to aid in your mobility. Regardless of whether you need it to move around your home, go for your scheduled medical check-ups or go on a short overseas trip with your family, there are plenty of places around Singapore that offer good quality and durable wheelchairs for rent. So, if you are wondering where you can rent a wheelchair, here is a list of a few such dynamic places that you might want to try out today.

Habibi Wheelchair Rental

Habibi Wheelchair Rental is a premier wheelchair rental in Singapore. They have different wheelchairs that are designed to meet the requirements of people with different disabilities. Their wheelchairs are compact, lightweight, durable, safe and clean. Their wheelchairs are ideal for family trips overseas, monthly check ups, tourists and people with temporary injuries.

The four main types of wheelchairs that they offer are the Habibi Mini, Habibi Lightweight, Habibi Jumbo and Habibi Prime. Habibi Mini and Lightweight wheelchairs have net weights between 11 kg to 12 kg and can support weights up to 85 kg and 95 kg respectively. They are equipped with hand and wheel brakes. Habibi Jumbo and Prime wheelchairs, on the other hand, have net weights between 16 kg to 18 kg and can support weights up to 110 kg and 130 kg respectively. Their backrests and seats are waterproof and they are foldable.

The members of the Habibi Wheelchair Rental team make conscientious efforts to ensure that their wheelchairs are in the best conditions before they rent them out to ensure that you get the ones with the best quality. In addition, they are friendly and ever ready to assist you in choosing the right type of wheelchair to suit your needs. You can speak to any member of their team by visiting their website, Habibi Wheelchair Rental.

Resident’s Committee (RC) under the Community Development Council (CDC)

Another possible option to consider if you need to rent a wheelchair in Singapore are the RCs under CDC. The main purpose of the RCs is to provide residents with access to household items which they need but do not have. Some of these items include ladders, drills, trolleys and even wheelchairs.

There are different CDCs in Singapore such as Central Singapore CDC, North East CDC, North West CDC, South East CDC and South West CDC. You can explore the different CDCs to find out more about where you can rent a wheelchair.

Kampong Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre

A lesser known alternative to the above mentioned wheelchair rental places, is the Kampong Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre. They obtain discarded mobility aids equipment, restore them and rent them out to people who need them. They provide mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs to the less fortunate to give them a better quality of life. More information about them can be obtained at their website.

As you can see for yourself, there are many places to rent a wheelchair in Singapore. You can simply visit the website of the wheelchair rental provider and find out more information about the wheelchairs before you rent the suitable type of wheelchair that you need.

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