How to Find the Right Commercial Photography Studio for Your Brand

Commercial photography is the art of shooting images to promote brands. Some excellent examples of commercial photography are product packaging and covers of music albums and magazines. Commercial photography has extended beyond traditional advertising and now appear online in official social media accounts of big brands. Social media influencers also use commercial photography to create more powerful brand endorsements.

If you are a business or public personality looking to create more influence among online users, then you need to hire a commercial photographer. In terms of commercial photography Singapore is a great place to consider. That’s because of the country’s vibrant and technologically-adept professional photography industry.

Here’s how you can find the right commercial photographer for you.

Ask colleagues for referrals.

You can ask fellow marketers, business owners or friends from advertising agencies to refer you to their photographers. These photographers may work freelance or under a creative agency. Ask them about their rates and experience with those photographers. It is best to narrow down your choices to three photographers.

If your colleagues cannot recommend anyone, then you can look for photographers accredited by advertising and marketing associations. You can also take a look at photography organizations for possible candidates.

Perform your due diligence.

After getting referrals, search for more details about these commercial photographers online. Look at their websites and browse their online portfolios. Take note of their clients as well as the kinds of industries they have done work for. If you have more questions, then you can schedule a meeting with the photographers or their agencies so they can answer your enquiries.

Freelance commercial photographers cost less, but have limited equipment. On the other hand, commercial photography studios have a wider range of tools to produce powerful photographs for you. Frame by Frame, a production house in Singapore is an example of a full service commercial photography studio. Apart from photography, they also provide casting, set-styling and image crafting services.

Discuss your commercial photography requirements.

The next thing you have to do is discuss your photography requirements with the photographers and their team. Tell them what your objectives are, as well as the messages that you want to convey. Is there a story that you want to narrate with the photographs? Tell them everything they need to know prior to commencing the project.

Sign the contract.

Now it’s time for you to sign a contract of services between you and the studio. Usually photography studios have template contracts for their clients. The contract should comply with Singapore’s copyright and data privacy laws. It would also be good if you could get a legal counsel to review the contract for you. Clarify all details before signing the contract to avoid having legal mishaps.

Commence with your project.

Once everything is in order, you can begin your photo shoot. Remember to have fun!

The Singapore video production studio is located at 27A Hamilton Road. Visit their website or call their office to enquire about their commercial photography services.







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