Everything you Need to Know Before you Scrap your Car

Scrap car is a process to dismantle the car to obtain spare parts or for recycling. Scrapping a car is usually done by at an authorized scrapyard with years of experience. Before the scrapping process begins, the scrapyard will check for spare parts that are in working or usable conditions. Some of the spare parts include wheels, tires, batteries, catalytic converters, electronic modules, alternators, starter motors, radio, GPS systems and even complete engines or transmissions. These spare parts are then removed and sold.

Subsequently, the remaining parts of the car is crushed flat using a car crusher , before being transported to an industrial shredder or hammer mill for further reduction to smaller chunks of metal. Non-metal parts such as glass, plastic and rubber are removed from the remaining mixtures before the metal is sold to steel mills to get recycled.

Why you Need to Scrap your Car

In most countries, there are government budget programs called scrappage program to promote the scrapping of older cars and replace them with newer ones. This is especially necessary in a small country like Singapore which has a rather large vehicle population.

In Singapore, one must obtain a certificate of entitlement (COE) before one can purchase a car. The car’s COE is only valid for 10 years. On the tenth year, when the car’s COE is going to expire, the car owner must either renew the COE, sell the car or scrap the car in Singapore. The downside of renewing the car’s COE is that it cost thousands of dollars to do so. In addition, there is a high likelihood that the car owner will incur further costs to maintain and service the already aged car with prolong usage.

While it is possible to sell the car, scrapping the car may provide other benefits such as saving natural resources and protecting the environment in addition to earning some cash. Since metal is a finite resource and will eventually run out, it is definitely better to scrap the car and recycle its parts. Older cars are also less environmentally friendly since they tend to give out more harmful gases and by scrapping the car, this can greatly reduce detrimental effects to environment. And of course, a car owner can earn money when scrapping the car at scrapyard as most scrapyards offer reasonable cash in return for the car to be scrapped.

How do you Scrap Your Car

If you want to deregister your car and scrap it, you can simply call an authorized scrap car dealer. The dealer will usually answer all your inquiries before quoting the best price to scrap your car. Once you are satisfied with the explanation and quoted price, you will usually be required to drive your car down to the scrapyard. The scrapyard may require you to fill up and sign some forms before providing you with payment for your scrap car.

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