How to De-Register and Scrap Your Car

In Singapore, car owners are legally responsible for the de-registration and disposal of their expired Certificate of Entitlement (COE) cars. COE cars may only remain in their owner’s hold for up to ten years. While it is possible to renew your COE once it expires, the costs applied to driving and road taxes, as well as the payment for the renewal itself will increase by a minimum of 10% each year that you still hold the car. There is also the possibility with older cars of running into mechanical and technical difficulties that could cost you frequent maintenance trips, and potentially hurt the environment the longer that you hold the vehicle.

Once the car’s COE expires, it is necessary to deregister the car and sell or dispose of it. It is an offense to drive, or to keep a de-registered car, and the car must be taken to an LTA-appointed scrapyard, so the sooner that you’re aware of your expiring COE, the better.

This being said, it would likely prove more economical for you in the long run to de-register your vehicle, and entrust it to an LTA-appointed scrapyard. If the vehicle is less than ten years old, you may qualify to receive rebate for the vehicle, as well as any monetary body value.

The de-registration process is a relatively simple process to go through, and is something that you can do easily on your own. Just before your COE expires, you should obtain and complete a few documents. In order to de-register your car, you must bring a completed de-registration application form (Form D01), as well as your NRIC or employment or immigration pass card to your LTA-appointed scrapyard. All the documents you need can be found on Singapore’s One.Motoring website under the “Information & Guidelines” tab. It’s also important to be sure that all outstanding dues or road tax fees related to your car have been cleared. Once you’ve received your T-Pin from LTA and have completed or obtained these documents, you should go on down to your LTA-appointed scrapyard to scrap your car.

There are many economically competitive and eco-friendly LTA-appointed scrapyard that provide auto-scrapping service. They will make the process easier for you to scrap your car in Singapore. They will provide care and assistance, will supply you with a quote on your vehicle upon request, and ultimately want to keep the process of scrapping and reprocessing as simple as they possibly can. Some of these scrapyards also do business with many auto mechanics on the island, providing reliably to clients who sell to or buy from them. Their intent is to utilize your car’s old and damaged parts, and not just let them go to waste. They work economically and environmentally to reprocess your used car parts for their maximum utility and strive to provide you with the most competitive prices for your car’s body. In addition, while there may not be a PARF rebate applicable to all cars, the scrapyards will try to ensure that even the ones that are able to receive rebate rates should still make you a little extra money.

One of the leading go to, scrap car Singapore destination is Seng Huat Motors Trading Pte Ltd. With resident scrapper, Ah Seng’s near 30-year knowledge of the industry, and experience with both scrapping and collecting vehicles, you’ll be putting your deregister car in trusted hands.

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