A Guide to Hanging Curtain Drapes at Home

Curtain drapes are window treatments that adorn homes here in Singapore and around the world. They are timeless and do a lot of good to your home. It offers protection from extremely hot or rainy weather, provides security for your family and makes your home look stylish.

Curtain drapes are beautiful to look at if you style them neatly and well. Here’s our guide to hanging curtains at home.

Measuring the Area

First, measure how high you would like your curtains to hang from the floor. Curtains should hang around floor length or pool at the bottom. Hanging curtains around floor length is the conventional way to go. However, you can allow it to pool a little for dramatic purposes.

Then, determine where you’ll be putting the curtain rod based on how you decide to hang your curtains. If you decide to hang it at length, place the rod around six inches higher than your window. If you want your curtains to pool, place the rod around three to four inches higher than the window. Remember, your curtain rod should be wider than your window by six to 12 inches. Anything narrower than that would look awkward.

Hanging the Curtain Brackets

Next, install the curtain brackets, with each bracket placed three to six inches apart from each side of the window. You can mark each side with a pencil to see where you’ll be installing them. Then, secure each bracket tightly using screws.

You can then hang the rod on the brackets to test how your curtains might look like.

Hanging the Curtain Drapes

After doing your initial look-test, take the curtain rod down and insert the curtains. Bunch the drapes a little to allow space on each side for hanging the rod on the brackets.

Hang the rod with drapes on the bracket. Then style your drapes as you wish.

You can leave your curtain drapes hanging naturally, or you can tie them in the middle. Styling also depends on how you would like to use your curtains. If you use them primarily for weather protection and security purposes, keep them closed most of the time. You can open them during the morning to bask in the healthy sun, then close them afterward. However, you can keep them open if you’re using them primarily in a decorative way. If you live in a high-rise condominium unit, keep your curtains open for your guests to appreciate the beautiful nightscape.

Where to Buy Curtains in Singapore

You can buy curtains from a lot of places in Singapore. You can find them in malls, departmental stores, shops in Mustafa Centre or in online marketplaces. However, none of them offer customization and expertise like The Curtain Expert, a local store offering curtains and blinds. You can buy ready-made curtains from them, or have your curtains customized. The Curtain Expert has over a decade of experience providing window treatments to condominiums, bungalow homes, shops, and offices. Visit their website, TheCurtainExpert.com, to schedule an appointment today!


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