In Content Marketing and SEO Writing, Originality Matters

Content marketing is constantly evolving. Though it retains certain trends from the year prior, it keeps on growing, with new tactics coming out every year.

Creating original content is one of the biggest content marketing trends this 2018

Building a concrete and long-term content marketing strategy was one of the biggest trends last 2017. Creating consistent branded content was important in order to understand your goals, gain the trust, and support of audiences. It was easier for audiences to latch onto a brand knowing that it understood them. This 2018, content marketers are improving their game by focusing on original content.

In-house content development

More and more brands across different industries are building in-house content studios just to reinforce their content marketing strategies. Some of the brands that have in-house content studios are Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and Goldman Sachs. However, the Native Advertising Institute cautions against this trend which might lead brands to define what the audience needs, and not what they actually need. In-house talent might also be insufficient.

We also saw the shift towards original content late last year when Netflix released its first original film entitled “Bright”. That move was a great way for Netflix to tell audiences their goal of aiming to change online entertainment.

Why does original content matter?

Originality in content marketing matters in order to respond to the various needs of different consumers. According to Entrepreneur magazine, personalisation is also becoming increasingly important this year. Hence, you need to create something unique to your target online buyer personas. If you’re a personal care brand targeting females, you can’t just create general content for all women. You need to develop material that resonates with the experiences and needs of different types of women. By doing so, you are able to effectively communicate your brand and strengthen its overall market value.

Original content in SEO writing

Originality is also important in content writing, particularly SEO content writing. Agencies that provide content marketing services have a tendency to copy content based on what’s trending in their clients’ industries. This year, content marketing writers are compelled to develop material that will set industry trends instead of the other way around.

SEO content writing is gaining ground thanks to the fact that more executives are paying attention to it. More stakeholders are recognising the need for search marketing. The great thing about this is that agencies providing content writing services are now seeing eye-to-eye with clients who were once clueless or wary of search marketing. That’s because companies have come to the realisation that they can only be of real service to their prospective customers if they’re relevant and searchable. The only real way to create a genuine impact on audiences is by creating original and attractive SEO content that they need.


Developing original content is very important to help you become relevant and visible to your future and present clients. It’s the only way you can effectively provide solutions, create impact in their lives and ultimately strengthen your brand overall.

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