Where to Buy Curtains and Blinds in Singapore

You can buy curtains and blinds from almost anywhere in Singapore. These stores offer a wide array of various textiles, colors, and patterns for people to choose from. Many of the curtains Singapore residents have in their homes come from these stores.

This post serves as a guide for people to know where to buy curtains and blinds in Singapore.

Malls and Departmental Stores

ION orchardSeveral of the malls and departmental stores along Orchard Road sell branded curtains and blinds for a premium price. ION Orchard, Takashimaya and Plaza Singapura are just some of the places selling branded curtains and blinds. However, if you’re looking for more affordable options, Mustafa Centre is a great place to go to. A lot of the curtains Singapore home owners have come from this place. If you live in a small apartment or condominium unit, buying from this place is your best bet. Tourists in Singapore should consider buying from these stores if they have time to spare.

Online Stores

online shopping mobileYou can also find curtains and blinds in online marketplaces such as Lazada and IPrice. There are thousands of very affordable options on these platforms, however quality is never a guarantee. You won’t get to inspect the products before you purchase them. However, if you’ve just moved in your apartment or condominium unit, then you could go for online store finds. This is also your best option if you’re on a really tight budget.

Homegrown Specialty Stores

blindsThere are plenty of homegrown specialty stores all over Singapore that offer curtain and blinds.

These stores stand out for several reasons. First, they offer consultancy services to help you determine what kind of curtains or blinds suit your needs. You could schedule a consultation with them by phone, over e-mail or social media. Apart from their own collection, they also offer bespoke services to their clients. If you’re planning on getting curtains for your own house or for the office, then it would be best for you to go homegrown. You won’t get to find this level of expertise and customer service from departmental stores or online stores.

Second,  they ensure that they sell quality items at all times. Many of these stores manufacture their products so they are able to supervise the process closely. Focusing on a few products allow stores to monitor and maintain the high quality of their products. Craftsmanship is something you cannot put a price on.

Third, they know the market well. Curtains Singapore residents need differ because of the country’s climate and environment. It’s more likely for homegrown stores to offer curtains or blinds that offer protection from the sun, rain and haze.

Where to buy curtains and blinds in Singapore depends on your needs and budget. If you live in a small space and have a tight budget, Mustafa Centre and online marketplaces are the places to go to. If you’d like to invest in window treatments for your home or office, then it’s best for you to go bespoke.

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