About Us

We are a review site, pointing travellers in the right direction for hotels, bars and restaurants in Singapore.

Our team are a veteran group of travellers, holidaymakers, adventurers and business people, all intent on hunting down the savviest deals and the best bargains in the island!

Between us, we have the insight of travellers, hotel staff and locals, to shed some light into the best places to eat, stay and relax in.

We are on a mission to review every hotel in Singapore, so it is important to us to get all the details and not miss anything out.

If there is a place that we have not included, we would certainly love to hear about it!

Also, if there is something you would like to share with your fellow travellers, we would also very much like to know.

As experienced and seasoned travellers, we can offer the lowdown on the best deals and the best, unknown and hidden gems that the city has to offer.

Our site began life as a simple travel blog, with only a couple of contributors, in 2009. Since then, it has grown into a full and comprehensive review site of all the local hotels and amenities on the island.

We like to be fair to all our business owners and establishment proprietors and it is not our policy to let malicious reviews stay on our site – however, we do reserve the right to publish the truth and to let travellers know exactly what they can expect from each establishment.

If you feel that there is something that needs correcting, we will be pleased to hear from you and let you put your side of the story across.

We hope that you find our review site useful!