5 Ways to Make the Clean-Shaven Look Work for You

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A lot of guys nowadays are exploring ways to cut and style their beards. You’ve seen friends sport long beards that are common among hipsters. You may also have a few friends who grow handlebar mustaches. But sporting the clean-shaven look never goes out of style.

One of the main concerns among men is the lack of ”manliness” of the clean-shaven look. One of a guy’s common gripes on the clean-shaven look is that it makes them look too young and childlike. Or beta, and effeminate. Practically speaking, maintaining the clean-shaven look also requires a lot more maintenance.

Don’t worry. You can still look clean-shaven without sacrificing your manly look or wasting too much of your time.

Here are five ways to make the clean-shaven look work for you.

Check out celebrity photos for stylish shaved trends.

Do you go all out or do you leave a bit of stubble behind? Look at your fave celebrities’ photos to determine which look you’d want on you. This works for men with partners or who are single.

Consult with your wife, fiance, or girlfriend.

The clean-shaven look will work for you better if your significant other likes it. So ask them about what kind of look they want. There are women who like guys with beards. But the majority still favor guys with the clean-shaven look. That’s because men with the clean-shaven look have softer and smoother skin.


Regular shaving will affect your skin, so prepare well to minimize these effects. Lack of preparation may lead to having more nicks and cuts.

Prior to shaving, you need to take a warm bath or shower. A warm bath or shower helps you open your skin’s pores and make hair removal easier. Then lather on some shaving cream.

If you have a long beard, make sure you cut or click the thick portions before putting on shaving cream. Cutting or clipping will definitely make shaving easier for you.

Shave correctly.

The razor of your shaver should pass over enough times to remove two layers of dead skin cells. One or two passes should be enough to give you a close shave.

Rinse thoroughly and keep your skin clean.

There’s a lot of talk about taking a warm bath or shower prior to shaving. But guys have to be reminded to clean up after they shave. After all, you won’t get that clean-shaven look without really cleaning.

Forgetting to clean your face after shaving with leave you with dead skin cells, stray hair, and shaving foam. That much dirt may infect your skin and cause breakouts. So remember to bring out the aftershave.

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