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Why Is SEO Crucial For Your E-Commerce Web Site in Singapore?

Regardless whether your e-commerce business in Singapore is considered as a “mom-and-pops” type of online business or a “Wal-Mart”-sized one, the ability to maximize your web site’s search engine rankings is crucial for numerous reasons.

One of the main reason is SEO allows your potential customers or target markets or niches discover your ecommerce site. If your target markets or niches aren’t able to discover it, it’s like putting up a lemonade stand in the middle of the Sahara desert. How can people patronize your online business if they don’t even know it exists?

If you analyze your ecommerce site’s traffic data using its analytics tools, e.g., Google analytics, chances are you’ll see that your main source of online revenue is organic search via search engines. If not, then it’s possible something’s not right in the way you’re managing your ecommerce site.

As the Internet continues to evolve through the years, it has changed the way people and businesses buy products and services. This means that many customers now consider search engines as a crucial part of their informed purchasing decisions. As such, you can’t afford to take SEO for granted if you want your ecommerce business to succeed. Ignoring it means you’re taking a huge risk of making your website invisible to people who may not only need its products and services but also are also willing to pay for them.

Obviously, being invisible to customers will lead to less sales – if any – and will keep your business from growing. Eventually, it will be your ecommerce website’s death knell. On the other hand, it will be your competitors’ lifeblood and will allow them to grow at your expense.

Your ecommerce business is one that can have a huge growth potential. If you’re satisfied with just “good” or “average” search engine rankings, then your business won’t be able to realize that huge growth potential. Ranking as high as possible on search engine rankings is key for sustained significant growth for your ecommerce site.

But most of the time, people aren’t alarmed by missed opportunities for growth as much as shrinkages. Take for example a 50% drop in sales and a missed opportunity to increase sales by 50%. Chances are people will be panicking over the former and only have a “should’ve done better” attitude over the latter. But failure to grow one’s business may be just as fatal as a significant drop in sales, albeit the impact isn’t as immediate. And because the impact isn’t as immediate, it’s tempting to take lack of growth very lightly.

So how then do you improve your website’s ecommerce SEO and greatly increase sale’s growth? One of the logical and cheapest ways is of course to do it yourself. But if you are not experienced in doing so, you may end up not improving your website’s SEO or garnering any sales at all. The next best practical way is definitely to engage a seasoned, trustworthy SEO Agency in Singapore to do your website’s SEO services in Singapore. There are a few notable examples such as Night Owl, a renowned Singapore SEO Company and 786Seo, a content marketing services specialist, depending on that type of SEO that best suits your ecommerce business to do get it ranked high in search engines.

How To Secure a Certificate of Entitlement for Your Vehicle

Congratulations on purchasing your dream car! Now that you own your dream car, you need to obtain the necessary documentary requirements so you can drive it. The first thing that you have to obtain is a Certificate of Entitlement (CoE) from the Land Transportation Authority.

What is a Certificate of Entitlement?

The Certificate of Entitlement grants you the right to own and use your car on Singapore’s limited road spaces. It is valid for ten years.

How do I get a CoE?

You can get a Certificate of Entitlement by bidding for it through the Open Bid Uniform Price Auction. Because the country has limited road space, the government restricts the number of vehicles plying them through a bidding process. The bidding process occurs first and third Monday of the month, beginning 12 pm. It lasts three days and ends on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 4:00 pm. In some cases, the bidding extends until Wednesday of the next week.

You can submit your CoE bid deposits through DBS, Maybank or UOB. If you don’t want to do the bidding yourself, you can assign your car dealer to bid instead. However, that would take you around three to six months.

The bidding process

How much your bid costs depends on how much you are willing to pay for a Certificate of Entitlement. The LTA calls it the reserve price and is different from the bid deposit. Once you name your reserve price, they deduct the amount from your bank account. Bids start at S$10,000 but could go as high as S$50,000 or even S$100,000. The system automatically rejects bidders with insufficient funds in their bank account.

You can revise your bid price anytime during the process. If your bid falls lower than the current CoE price, the system would initially outbid you. You can revise your bid so you could be back in the running. The bid ends once there are enough bidders with reserve prices equal or higher than the current CoE price. Successful bidders pay the new CoE price.

Once your bid is successful, they will give you a temporary CoE which is valid for six months. You need to use this temporary COE or else it will lapse, and you won’t get a bid deposit refund. You also need to pay for your CoE by subtracting your bid deposit from the current CoE price. The price of your CoE is the current CoE price minus the bid deposit.

CoE Renewal

Once your Certificate of Entitlement expires, you have the option to renew it by paying the Prevailing Quota Premium. If you won’t be renewing your CoE, then you have to deregister your car and send it to the scrap yard.

If you opt to go to a scrap yard, then make sure to choose wisely. Choose a scrap yard that has loads of experience with great customer service like Seng Huat Motors Pte. Ltd ( at Paya Ubi Industrial Park. Visit their website at

How Choosing A Dedicated Study Room will Help you Achieve your New Year’s Resolution

With the new year coming, you’ll probably have lots of new year resolution and goals such as working harder to land a promotion, buying the dream home you’ve always wanted or settling down with the man/woman of your dreams. However if you are a student, your resolutions or goals will definitely be to score better grades, excel in your studies and if possible top your class or cohort.

But what if you also face the problem of studying properly at home let alone meeting your New Year’s goal and resolution? The problem with studying properly can be attributed to the fact that there are too much distractions at home. Distractions come in many forms such as your favourite series or movies playing on the television, apps on your smartphones and tablets, computer/console games, chatting with friends and family members or even using social media sites to post updates and communicating with friends or followers.

Since there are so many distractions at home, it is no wonder you find it difficult to achieve your goal/resolution. One of the solution that can help you reach your resolution is choosing to study regularly at a dedicated study room in Singapore equipped with study spaces. With a dedicated study room, you will eliminate one of the problems plaguing students which is where to study in Singapore.

There are actually many places to study in Singapore such as a cafe, library or public place. But you will face problems of having to compete with others for space and resort to reserving the place early to avoid disappointment. In addition, you may need to pay for an overpriced coffee/beverage and risk being chased away by a cafe owner or waiter/waitress when the crowd packs up.

With a dedicated study room, you can avoid all the problems mentioned above. In addition, booking of the dedicated study space at the study room is very affordable and simple. The booking can be made online and payment can either be done online or onsite, to one of the staff there. The room has adequate lighting and suitable tables and chairs for comfortable studying. Free wifi is provided for you to do your necessary research or to download documents relevant for your studying. And in case you are hungry, a pantry is available with light refreshments like tea, coffee, biscuits and instant noodles to recharge your energy.

Now that you are better informed about why you should choose a dedicated study room to study better and meet your study goals, where can you find one? One such company which offers a dedicated study room with suitable study spaces is Study One Corner. It has two branches located strategically across Singapore – one at Bussorah Street near Bugis MRT and the other at Icon Changi near Eunos MRT. Visit Study One Corner now to book your dedicated study space and be on the way to achieving your New Year’s resolution for your studies.

How to Find the Right Commercial Photography Studio for Your Brand

Commercial photography is the art of shooting images to promote brands. Some excellent examples of commercial photography are product packaging and covers of music albums and magazines. Commercial photography has extended beyond traditional advertising and now appear online in official social media accounts of big brands. Social media influencers also use commercial photography to create more powerful brand endorsements.

If you are a business or public personality looking to create more influence among online users, then you need to hire a commercial photographer. In terms of commercial photography Singapore is a great place to consider. That’s because of the country’s vibrant and technologically-adept professional photography industry.

Here’s how you can find the right commercial photographer for you.

Ask colleagues for referrals.

You can ask fellow marketers, business owners or friends from advertising agencies to refer you to their photographers. These photographers may work freelance or under a creative agency. Ask them about their rates and experience with those photographers. It is best to narrow down your choices to three photographers.

If your colleagues cannot recommend anyone, then you can look for photographers accredited by advertising and marketing associations. You can also take a look at photography organizations for possible candidates.

Perform your due diligence.

After getting referrals, search for more details about these commercial photographers online. Look at their websites and browse their online portfolios. Take note of their clients as well as the kinds of industries they have done work for. If you have more questions, then you can schedule a meeting with the photographers or their agencies so they can answer your enquiries.

Freelance commercial photographers cost less, but have limited equipment. On the other hand, commercial photography studios have a wider range of tools to produce powerful photographs for you. Frame by Frame, a production house in Singapore is an example of a full service commercial photography studio. Apart from photography, they also provide casting, set-styling and image crafting services.

Discuss your commercial photography requirements.

The next thing you have to do is discuss your photography requirements with the photographers and their team. Tell them what your objectives are, as well as the messages that you want to convey. Is there a story that you want to narrate with the photographs? Tell them everything they need to know prior to commencing the project.

Sign the contract.

Now it’s time for you to sign a contract of services between you and the studio. Usually photography studios have template contracts for their clients. The contract should comply with Singapore’s copyright and data privacy laws. It would also be good if you could get a legal counsel to review the contract for you. Clarify all details before signing the contract to avoid having legal mishaps.

Commence with your project.

Once everything is in order, you can begin your photo shoot. Remember to have fun!

The Singapore video production studio is located at 27A Hamilton Road. Visit their website or call their office to enquire about their commercial photography services.







Top Reasons Why You Need to Scrap Your Car

Scrap car is the process of dismantling an old vehicle to obtain its individual parts or for recycling. In terms of scrap car Singapore is very strict. Shops authorised by the LTA can only perform car scrapping services. The vehicle scrapping process is two-fold. First, the shop removes working parts of the vehicle for selling. Then, they crush the rest of the vehicle using a machine. After that, they send it to a hammer mill or industrial shredder for reducing into smaller pieces of metal. Before you retire your vehicle to the scrap car yard, you have to deregister car in Singapore.

The thought of scrapping a worn-out vehicle down may sound like a lot of money. But it’s actually a cost-efficient process where you’ll even earn money. Here are the top reasons why your vehicle needs to go through the scrap car process.

Save Money

A vehicle’s COE lasts only ten years. If you have a car that’s entering its tenth COE year, it’s better to scrap your car. Your other options are to renew the vehicle’s COE, or sell it. However, these options are not feasible. Renewing your vehicle’s COE would cost you thousands of dollars, from the process of renewing, down to its maintenance. And we all know that maintaining an old vehicle costs more than buying a new one. Selling your vehicle is possible but difficult given that it is older than other used vehicles. Buyers would rather purchase a vehicle that’s five years old because it will require less maintenance.

Purchase a New Car

So you know that your vehicle’s COE is near expiry and your ride needs replacement. Bring your vehicle to a scrap car yard to get rid of it. Then use the cash from selling parts to buy that new car.

If you are thinking of doing ridesharing, then you also need to let your old vehicle go for scrapping. That way, you can have cash to buy a new car for your ridesharing business.

High Cost of Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repairs are costly for vehicles that are old or damaged by accidents. Let’s say that your vehicle is less than a decade old, but has gone through a lot of major accidents. Its maintenance and repair costs may be as expensive as an old car. Hence it may make more sense to bring your vehicle to the scrap car yard.

Provide for Monetary Needs

If you need to pay for something really important and quick, then scrapping your car is another option. Careful though, as you might be thinking in haste when you do this, especially if your vehicle is relatively new. Think thoroughly if you need to scrap your car for money. There may be another way you can address this problem in another way.

Remember, when looking for a scrap car yard, go for one that has LTA authorisation and years of experience in the business. So that until the end, your vehicle is in safe hands.


A Guide to Hanging Curtain Drapes at Home

Curtain drapes are window treatments that adorn homes here in Singapore and around the world. They are timeless and do a lot of good to your home. It offers protection from extremely hot or rainy weather, provides security for your family and makes your home look stylish.

Curtain drapes are beautiful to look at if you style them neatly and well. Here’s our guide to hanging curtains at home.

Measuring the Area

First, measure how high you would like your curtains to hang from the floor. Curtains should hang around floor length or pool at the bottom. Hanging curtains around floor length is the conventional way to go. However, you can allow it to pool a little for dramatic purposes.

Then, determine where you’ll be putting the curtain rod based on how you decide to hang your curtains. If you decide to hang it at length, place the rod around six inches higher than your window. If you want your curtains to pool, place the rod around three to four inches higher than the window. Remember, your curtain rod should be wider than your window by six to 12 inches. Anything narrower than that would look awkward.

Hanging the Curtain Brackets

Next, install the curtain brackets, with each bracket placed three to six inches apart from each side of the window. You can mark each side with a pencil to see where you’ll be installing them. Then, secure each bracket tightly using screws.

You can then hang the rod on the brackets to test how your curtains might look like.

Hanging the Curtain Drapes

After doing your initial look-test, take the curtain rod down and insert the curtains. Bunch the drapes a little to allow space on each side for hanging the rod on the brackets.

Hang the rod with drapes on the bracket. Then style your drapes as you wish.

You can leave your curtain drapes hanging naturally, or you can tie them in the middle. Styling also depends on how you would like to use your curtains. If you use them primarily for weather protection and security purposes, keep them closed most of the time. You can open them during the morning to bask in the healthy sun, then close them afterward. However, you can keep them open if you’re using them primarily in a decorative way. If you live in a high-rise condominium unit, keep your curtains open for your guests to appreciate the beautiful nightscape.

Where to Buy Curtains in Singapore

You can buy curtains from a lot of places in Singapore. You can find them in malls, departmental stores, shops in Mustafa Centre or in online marketplaces. However, none of them offer customization and expertise like The Curtain Expert, a local store offering curtains and blinds. You can buy ready-made curtains from them, or have your curtains customized. The Curtain Expert has over a decade of experience providing window treatments to condominiums, bungalow homes, shops, and offices. Visit their website,, to schedule an appointment today!


Where to Buy Curtains and Blinds in Singapore

You can buy curtains and blinds from almost anywhere in Singapore. These stores offer a wide array of various textiles, colors, and patterns for people to choose from. Many of the curtains Singapore residents have in their homes come from these stores.

This post serves as a guide for people to know where to buy curtains and blinds in Singapore.

Malls and Departmental Stores

ION orchardSeveral of the malls and departmental stores along Orchard Road sell branded curtains and blinds for a premium price. ION Orchard, Takashimaya and Plaza Singapura are just some of the places selling branded curtains and blinds. However, if you’re looking for more affordable options, Mustafa Centre is a great place to go to. A lot of the curtains Singapore home owners have come from this place. If you live in a small apartment or condominium unit, buying from this place is your best bet. Tourists in Singapore should consider buying from these stores if they have time to spare.

Online Stores

online shopping mobileYou can also find curtains and blinds in online marketplaces such as Lazada and IPrice. There are thousands of very affordable options on these platforms, however quality is never a guarantee. You won’t get to inspect the products before you purchase them. However, if you’ve just moved in your apartment or condominium unit, then you could go for online store finds. This is also your best option if you’re on a really tight budget.

Homegrown Specialty Stores

blindsThere are plenty of homegrown specialty stores all over Singapore that offer curtain and blinds.

These stores stand out for several reasons. First, they offer consultancy services to help you determine what kind of curtains or blinds suit your needs. You could schedule a consultation with them by phone, over e-mail or social media. Apart from their own collection, they also offer bespoke services to their clients. If you’re planning on getting curtains for your own house or for the office, then it would be best for you to go homegrown. You won’t get to find this level of expertise and customer service from departmental stores or online stores.

Second,  they ensure that they sell quality items at all times. Many of these stores manufacture their products so they are able to supervise the process closely. Focusing on a few products allow stores to monitor and maintain the high quality of their products. Craftsmanship is something you cannot put a price on.

Third, they know the market well. Curtains Singapore residents need differ because of the country’s climate and environment. It’s more likely for homegrown stores to offer curtains or blinds that offer protection from the sun, rain and haze.

Where to buy curtains and blinds in Singapore depends on your needs and budget. If you live in a small space and have a tight budget, Mustafa Centre and online marketplaces are the places to go to. If you’d like to invest in window treatments for your home or office, then it’s best for you to go bespoke.

Places for Wheelchair Rental in Singapore

If you have movement difficulties, you may need a wheelchair to aid in your mobility. Regardless of whether you need it to move around your home, go for your scheduled medical check-ups or go on a short overseas trip with your family, there are plenty of places around Singapore that offer good quality and durable wheelchairs for rent. So, if you are wondering where you can rent a wheelchair, here is a list of a few such dynamic places that you might want to try out today.

Habibi Wheelchair Rental

Habibi Wheelchair Rental is a premier wheelchair rental in Singapore. They have different wheelchairs that are designed to meet the requirements of people with different disabilities. Their wheelchairs are compact, lightweight, durable, safe and clean. Their wheelchairs are ideal for family trips overseas, monthly check ups, tourists and people with temporary injuries.

The four main types of wheelchairs that they offer are the Habibi Mini, Habibi Lightweight, Habibi Jumbo and Habibi Prime. Habibi Mini and Lightweight wheelchairs have net weights between 11 kg to 12 kg and can support weights up to 85 kg and 95 kg respectively. They are equipped with hand and wheel brakes. Habibi Jumbo and Prime wheelchairs, on the other hand, have net weights between 16 kg to 18 kg and can support weights up to 110 kg and 130 kg respectively. Their backrests and seats are waterproof and they are foldable.

The members of the Habibi Wheelchair Rental team make conscientious efforts to ensure that their wheelchairs are in the best conditions before they rent them out to ensure that you get the ones with the best quality. In addition, they are friendly and ever ready to assist you in choosing the right type of wheelchair to suit your needs. You can speak to any member of their team by visiting their website, Habibi Wheelchair Rental.

Resident’s Committee (RC) under the Community Development Council (CDC)

Another possible option to consider if you need to rent a wheelchair in Singapore are the RCs under CDC. The main purpose of the RCs is to provide residents with access to household items which they need but do not have. Some of these items include ladders, drills, trolleys and even wheelchairs.

There are different CDCs in Singapore such as Central Singapore CDC, North East CDC, North West CDC, South East CDC and South West CDC. You can explore the different CDCs to find out more about where you can rent a wheelchair.

Kampong Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre

A lesser known alternative to the above mentioned wheelchair rental places, is the Kampong Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre. They obtain discarded mobility aids equipment, restore them and rent them out to people who need them. They provide mobility aids such as crutches and wheelchairs to the less fortunate to give them a better quality of life. More information about them can be obtained at their website.

As you can see for yourself, there are many places to rent a wheelchair in Singapore. You can simply visit the website of the wheelchair rental provider and find out more information about the wheelchairs before you rent the suitable type of wheelchair that you need.

Everything you Need to Know Before you Scrap your Car

Scrap car is a process to dismantle the car to obtain spare parts or for recycling. Scrapping a car is usually done by at an authorized scrapyard with years of experience. Before the scrapping process begins, the scrapyard will check for spare parts that are in working or usable conditions. Some of the spare parts include wheels, tires, batteries, catalytic converters, electronic modules, alternators, starter motors, radio, GPS systems and even complete engines or transmissions. These spare parts are then removed and sold.

Subsequently, the remaining parts of the car is crushed flat using a car crusher , before being transported to an industrial shredder or hammer mill for further reduction to smaller chunks of metal. Non-metal parts such as glass, plastic and rubber are removed from the remaining mixtures before the metal is sold to steel mills to get recycled.

Why you Need to Scrap your Car

In most countries, there are government budget programs called scrappage program to promote the scrapping of older cars and replace them with newer ones. This is especially necessary in a small country like Singapore which has a rather large vehicle population.

In Singapore, one must obtain a certificate of entitlement (COE) before one can purchase a car. The car’s COE is only valid for 10 years. On the tenth year, when the car’s COE is going to expire, the car owner must either renew the COE, sell the car or scrap the car in Singapore. The downside of renewing the car’s COE is that it cost thousands of dollars to do so. In addition, there is a high likelihood that the car owner will incur further costs to maintain and service the already aged car with prolong usage.

While it is possible to sell the car, scrapping the car may provide other benefits such as saving natural resources and protecting the environment in addition to earning some cash. Since metal is a finite resource and will eventually run out, it is definitely better to scrap the car and recycle its parts. Older cars are also less environmentally friendly since they tend to give out more harmful gases and by scrapping the car, this can greatly reduce detrimental effects to environment. And of course, a car owner can earn money when scrapping the car at scrapyard as most scrapyards offer reasonable cash in return for the car to be scrapped.

How do you Scrap Your Car

If you want to deregister your car and scrap it, you can simply call an authorized scrap car dealer. The dealer will usually answer all your inquiries before quoting the best price to scrap your car. Once you are satisfied with the explanation and quoted price, you will usually be required to drive your car down to the scrapyard. The scrapyard may require you to fill up and sign some forms before providing you with payment for your scrap car.

But don’t just take our word for it. Contact Seng Huat Motors Trading, an authorized and very experienced dealer that handles any scrap car in Singapore, to find out more about scrapping your car.


What Are The Benefits Of Studying In A Dedicated Study Space

Ever wondered why some students are able to learn faster and retain more even when they might be investing as many study hours as you do or even less? While it can be partly attributed to their aptitude, their study room and environment too makes a world of difference in ensuring higher efficiency and productivity during their learning sessions. Here are a few major benefits of studying in a dedicated study space that you might want to know.

No Distraction
One of the most obvious and important advantages of a dedicated study space is that you get to engage in quiet and uninterrupted learning sessions without being disturbed or distracted by the usual noises and activities of your own home. As a result, you can focus more and enhance your learning efficiency manifold. When you undergo thorough study sessions with great concentration, you are bound to retain more information than you otherwise would. Also, a peaceful and quiet environment is typically more conducive to stimulating your mind and enhancing your creativity. Studying in a dedicated study space will ensure that your mind does not keep wandering off to other people’s conversations and you are able to make the most of your schedule.

Saves Time
Time is one of the most invaluable aspects of a student’s life. The better you utilize it, the higher the possibility of you achieving great success in life. Dedicated work spaces are strategically designed to offer a personalized environment where you can focus more on studying and enhancing your knowledge. When you study in a peaceful environment, you are able to work more efficiently and finish your assignments before time. Also, better focus implies that you would be able to learn and assimilate your subject matte more quickly. The time you save in your study sessions can be employed in other productive activities such as perusing your hobbies or taking up a sport.

Adequate Lighting Conditions
Dedicated study spaces typically feature proper lighting arrangements utilizing both natural sun light as well artificial light sources. While you might not realize it, but proper lighting is one of the most important aspects that greatly influence your efficiency. Poor lighting can not only end up ruining your eyesight in the long run but also is often associated with rendering a space unsuitable for establishing concentration. Study spaces that provide proper lighting conditions can be useful is not only enhancing your productivity, but also stimulating your ability to memorize better.

Group Study Sessions
Most study spaces are designed to cater to the needs of both students who prefer to study alone as well as those who love to hustle up and engage in group study sessions. The large open spaces and numerous seating options allow for spreading out and utilizing the extra space for managing your projects better. While smaller cramped up spaces can seriously mar your ability to focus, open study spaces allow more breathing room and are more conducive to conducting group sessions with your peers.

A lot of students always ask about where to study in Singapore. The problem with finding dedicated places to study in Singapore is that most people do not know where to start looking for one. This is where the dedicated study space expert, Study One Corner, comes in handy. Check Study One Corner out now for more information.