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5 Ways to Make the Clean-Shaven Look Work for You

A lot of guys nowadays are exploring ways to cut and style their beards. You’ve seen friends sport long beards that are common among hipsters. You may also have a few friends who grow handlebar mustaches. But sporting the clean-shaven look never goes out of style.

One of the main concerns among men is the lack of ”manliness” of the clean-shaven look. One of a guy’s common gripes on the clean-shaven look is that it makes them look too young and childlike. Or beta, and effeminate. Practically speaking, maintaining the clean-shaven look also requires a lot more maintenance.

Don’t worry. You can still look clean-shaven without sacrificing your manly look or wasting too much of your time.

Here are five ways to make the clean-shaven look work for you.

Check out celebrity photos for stylish shaved trends.

Do you go all out or do you leave a bit of stubble behind? Look at your fave celebrities’ photos to determine which look you’d want on you. This works for men with partners or who are single.

Consult with your wife, fiance, or girlfriend.

The clean-shaven look will work for you better if your significant other likes it. So ask them about what kind of look they want. There are women who like guys with beards. But the majority still favor guys with the clean-shaven look. That’s because men with the clean-shaven look have softer and smoother skin.


Regular shaving will affect your skin, so prepare well to minimize these effects. Lack of preparation may lead to having more nicks and cuts.

Prior to shaving, you need to take a warm bath or shower. A warm bath or shower helps you open your skin’s pores and make hair removal easier. Then lather on some shaving cream.

If you have a long beard, make sure you cut or click the thick portions before putting on shaving cream. Cutting or clipping will definitely make shaving easier for you.

Shave correctly.

The razor of your shaver should pass over enough times to remove two layers of dead skin cells. One or two passes should be enough to give you a close shave.

Rinse thoroughly and keep your skin clean.

There’s a lot of talk about taking a warm bath or shower prior to shaving. But guys have to be reminded to clean up after they shave. After all, you won’t get that clean-shaven look without really cleaning.

Forgetting to clean your face after shaving with leave you with dead skin cells, stray hair, and shaving foam. That much dirt may infect your skin and cause breakouts. So remember to bring out the aftershave.

Look Clean-Shaven Regularly Easily and Affordably with ShaveItClub

Look clean easily and affordably look with the Shave It Club subscription box. When you buy a shaver online from, you get a custom shaver and a monthly set of new blade cartridges. Not just that, but you also get a ton of perks from signing up with this shaving subscription service.

Why Experiential Events Are Important for Brand Marketing

You know that a brand is excellent when consumers trust it. Consumers trust brands when they make their lives easier, and make them look and feel better. But you know that a brand is even beyond excellence when it invests in experiential events.

Experiential events are different from your normal activation events with product or service demos. They give your consumers experiences that are unforgettable and worthy of talking about. Not only do you gain trust among your consumers, but also entice them to advertise you for free. Implementing experiential events is a great way of making your consumers your own brand spokespersons.

Types of Experiential Events

There are two kinds of experiential events. The first type involves activities for single consumers or consumers in small groups.

Some good examples of this are the interactive promotions for major movies, television shows, and events. These interactive promotions involve games or activities for single persons or groups of people. One of the most powerful interactive displays ever made was the Game of Thrones interactive booth in SXSW. Here, fans of the show brandished a virtual reality sword inside a dark room in order to create images of their faces. Another one is the Conjuring 2 nun prank that went viral online. The global brand Coca-Cola recently installed an 11-meter soda vending machine in Tokyo to promote volleyball and the next Olympics.

Then there are activities that involve large groups of people.

These experiential events are more effective because they give people a memorable collective experience no other brand could. Recently, a rising cosmetic brand in Southeast Asia successfully beat a popular North American brand in gathering the most number of people applying lipstick at the same time in the same venue. The said brand now holds a Guinness World Record. This event not only introduced its products to potential consumers but also made them more appealing to its current clientele. After all, it gave them a sense of belonging and pride. Who doesn’t want to be part of a Guinness World Record?

Where the challenge lies

The challenge lies in creating new and fresh experiences that are aligned with your brand. There are certain experiential brand events that don’t lose their shine, such as sporting events for athletic brands. But the same type of event may not work for brands in other categories and fail to resonate with its audiences. That’s why not all brands are successful in holding fun runs. Brands should ensure that the experiential events they hold align with their messaging and have impact on their audiences.

How can brands do it?

Conceptualizing new and fresh experiential events is something that brands cannot do alone. That’s why they need to enlist the help of a marketing and events management company.

Sho, an event company in Singapore, regularly makes experiential events happen. Sho is also a talented boutique branding agency, so they don’t just do events, they do events that work. To know more about them, visit their website at

Shaving Subscription Boxes vs. Regular Shavers

Subscription boxes are becoming more popular these days. These boxes are packages of stuff you like or need delivered monthly to your doorstep. It’s a great alternative for people who are too busy at work or home to go shopping. Efficiency and guaranteed quality are the top reasons why people get subscription boxes. Shaving subscription boxes are one of the more popular types of subscription packages for men.

Shaving subscription boxes differ from brand-to-brand. There are some subscriptions that offer only a shaver and a monthly supply of blades. They’re less expensive and provide you with your most basic need – a shaver. Then there are also subscriptions that provide you with a complete shaving kit. Aside from a shaver and blades, these kits also include shaving soaps, brushes, and an aftershave. These are a lot pricier.

In any case, signing up for a subscription box is better than buying an ordinary shaver. Here are the reasons why.

Why shaving subscription boxes are better than regular shavers.

The purchasing process is more efficient.

You can process your subscription online. No need for you to take monthly trips to Watsons to replace your regular shaver or get new blades. You’ll just have to sit back, relax and anticipate the delivery of your box.

Sure you could buy shaver online from online marketplaces like Lazada or Shopee. But that would require you to make monthly transactions. Signing up for subscriptions only need you to make a single transaction every year or six months. That’s far more efficient.

The quality is better.

A lot of people go for the big brands in shaving. But because big brands manufacture regular commercial shavers in bulk, they cannot assure consistent product quality. The quality that big brands assure the consumer public is only equivalent to the shavers’ prices.

Shaving subscription services provide the same expertise but assure higher quality. That means they they check each shaver, blade cartridge and shaving product meticulously before delivering it to you.

Shaving subscription box services are a lot better at customer service.

What if you buy a regular shaver from a big brand and it rusts faster than you expect? Then you can’t just complain and ask them for a replacement. That would take you months! You need to buy another one, which is a waste of time and resources.

Shaving subscription services respond faster and personalize their solutions. Shaving subscription companies ensure the best customer service that big brands can never really fully realize.

You get to personalize your shaver.

You only have a few options available when you buy a regular shaver from the drugstore. Shaving subscription services let you customize your subscriptions, from the color of your shaver, number of blade cartridges, to the type of shaving soap according to your skin type.

There you have it – the pros of signing up for a shaving subscription versus buying a regular shaver. Now that you know, are you ready to sign up for your first ever shaving subscription box?



Three Essential Oils that You Need in Your Life

Essential oils are natural essences that are good for your body, mind, and home. Different cultures have been using essential oils for thousands of years. Scientists, medical experts, and naturopaths all attest to the power of these organic compounds.

There are literally hundreds of essential oils available. Not all plants have these extracts but a lot of them do. Different fruits, herbs and plants produce these oils. Eucalyptus, mint, lavender and lemon are four of the most popular oils.

If you are just beginning to explore aromatherapy and naturopathy, we suggest purchasing these three essential oils.

The three most important essential oils

Lemon Essential Oil

There is nothing but praise for lemon essential oil. A study by the International Journal of Food Microbiology from 2017 laud lemon as the most effective antimicrobial agent. The large number of scientific studies on lemon oil reflects the dearth of benefits from this popular citrus fruit.

Lemon is the most important essential oil because it helps strengthen the immune system and acts as an antioxidant. Its antioxidative properties decrease the chances of a person developing cancer. Lemon essential oil also helps women manage adverse effects of pregnancy such as nausea and vomiting. It also decreases the possibility of developing heart disease.

Lemon oil also helps you take care of your neurological system and psychological health.  It reduces nerve damage and helps you fight off depression.

At home, lemon essential oil acts as an all-around disinfectant that you can use for your household. You can also use it for cleaning your teeth and washing your hands from sticky substances.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit essential oil is most effective in helping a person lose weight. It detoxifies the body and decreases fluid retention. It also helps you stave off sugar cravings.

Grapefruit essential oil also has lots of medical benefits. It acts an antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and anti-carcinogenic properties. It strengthens your body and prevents you from feeling nauseous as well as developing lifestyle-borne diseases like cancer.

Using grapefruit oil also helps you keep your psychological health in tiptop shape. Whenever you feel doubtful and judgemental towards yourself, dab on a blend of grapefruit and patchouli essential oils to make you feel more confident and free.

Rosemary Essential Oil

The last essential oil on our list is rosemary. Rosemary essential oil is one of the most important compounds for mental and neurological health. Using rosemary oil supports the healing of neurological tissues, increases nerve production and improves memory. Mixing lemon and rosemary oil can help give you clarity whenever you feel confused.

Rosemary oil helps soothe muscle aches and alleviates stomach pains.

Rosemary essential oil is also the best natural essence for your hair. You can put rosemary oil on your hair to remove dandruff and excess sebum, add volume and makes it look thicker. Concoct your own shampoo by mixing rosemary oil with lavender oil, aloe vera gel, and coconut milk. You can also make a facial scrub using grapefruit, lavender, and patchouli oils.

(Cover photo courtesy of mitchf1 / Pixabay)


Best Places to Find Hijab Style & Muslim Clothing in Singapore

Singapore is a highly successful city with a population of over 5 million people. Out of this 5 million people, only about 20% of the population are Muslims with a majority coming from the Malay Muslim community. However, despite having a small population of Muslims, Singapore is regarded as a very Muslim friendly country. It has numerous mosques, Halal eateries, Muslim friendly hotels and countless shops which sell Muslim related items.

If you are looking specifically for Muslim clothing in Singapore, then don’t worry as Singapore also has that covered. From the latest hijabs, shawls, scarves, abayas to the best burkini swimwear, you can find it all in dedicated Muslim fashion shops in Singapore. So, to find out more about some of the best places to find Muslim clothing, read the rest of this article.

Tanjong Katong Complex

Tanjong Katong Complex is located along Tanjong Katong Road and a mere few minutes walk from the Paya Lebar MRT station. It is also close to the the heart of the Malay Muslim community which is Geylang Serai. There are many shops here that cater to Muslim fashion and other accessories. However, the highlights of this shopping complex definitely have to be 2nd Chance and First Lady.

Both 2nd Chance and First Lady are owned by 2nd Chance Properties and have been around for over 20 years. 2nd Chance itself was started in 1975 by Mr Salleh Marican, a former potential Singapore President contender in 2017. The business didn’t do very well after 4 months way back in 1975 but Mr Salleh managed to revive it 5 months later and aptly named it 2nd Chance. While 2nd Chance started as a men’s tailoring business, it has now focused on Muslim men’s ready to wear clothing such as baju kurong, jubah and many others.

First Lady boutique, on the hand, was started in 1992 with an emphasis on Malay ladies traditional clothing. Now, it has a wide array of Muslim ladies clothing from different abaya designs, hijab style, scarves, maxi-dresses and elegant baju kurongs.

Geylang Serai Market

Our next stop, Geylang Serai Market, is coincidentally only about a 10 minute walk away from Tanjong Katong Complex. This location has been the ultimate go to place for the Malay Muslim community in Singapore since 1964. It has recently received an uplift and reopened with a fresh new look in 2010. Despite the revamp, Geylang Serai Market has managed to blend the historical kampong setting with modern infrastructure and maintained its roots with numerous shops selling traditional Muslim friendly items.

While Geylang Serai Market is famous for its  good and affordable Halal food and groceries, there are actually many shops that sell Muslim clothing on the second level of the market. You can find many value for money yet fanciful Muslim clothing such as hijab, abaya, jilbab, baju kurong for men and women, jubah and so much more. You can even try to negotiate prices with the shop owners and if any shop owner refuses to discount the prices, you can easily move on to another shop with a more affordable price.

And there you have it, some of the best places to find Muslim clothing in Singapore. But if you prefer to purchase your clothing online, then you should visit online Muslim shops such as HijabDressUp. HijabDressUp offers products catered for the Muslim women’s market such as the best hijab style, best abaya designs, elegant shawls and much more to suit your needs.

Perfect Subscription Box Services in Singapore For You and Your Partner

Getting a monthly subscription box for you and your sweetie is a great way to avail of quality essentials at a lower price. It also helps you save time and spend more quality hours with each other. That includes unboxing and enjoying your subscription packages together!

Here are just some subscription boxes in Singapore that are perfect for both you and your partner:

For the Men

Credit: The Shave It Club

 The Shave It Club

Instead of searching where you can buy shaver online, get a monthly shaving subscription box instead. The Shave It Club is an affordable no-frills shaving subscription box that delivers blade cartridges to your doorstep every month. You get to choose from three shaver handle colors (black, gold, silver) and the number of blade cartridges you need monthly to look smooth. You can get two blade cartridges for the price of $9.90 or purchase four cartridges at $15.90. It also comes with a membership card that lets you avail of perks from various dining and fashion establishments. Establishments include Balqi’s the Bistro, Forest Child, Time to Hijra, Sinseh: The Grocery, Sixth Empire, Grey by Ortenhill, and Toasties. That’s a lot of perks from just shaving!


Credit: OhhMyBox


OhhMyBox is your secret to looking dapper all the time. The team at Ohhmybox curates quality accessories and grooming products to satisfy the needs of the modern gentleman. They customise the subscription box on the basis of your style, hair type, and skin type. Cufflinks, ties, and even watches are all part of OMB’s mix. You’ll also get a regular supply of products from reputable brands such as Lush, L’Oreal and Happy Feet. The contents of each box cost more than $100. At $57 a month, this box is a real bargain! They also have gift boxes available.

For the Women

Credit: lookfantastic

Credit: lookfantastic


Restock your beauty arsenal with lookfantastic’s monthly themed Beauty Boxes. Lookfantastic excites subscribers with themes such as “Indulge Me”, “Get the Glow” and “Wanderlust” that come in the form of surprise subscription boxes. Trusted brands like Dermalogica, Christophe Robin, and Erno Laszlo are just a few of lookfantastic’s product partners. The monthly subscription box costs only $27.50 – a lot less than what you’d spend on a trip to Sephora. Looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift? They also offer limited edition subscriptions in partnership with brands like Elle, Illamasqua and Omorovicza.

Credit: Her Velvet Vase

Her Velvet Vase

Her Velvet Vase offers Moodboxes that are perfect for sartorial females around Singapore. The Her Velvet Vase crew puts together a dress, matching tops and bottoms, and accessories on the basis of your mood for the month. Simply choose from the wide array of moods available (Happy & Bright, Romantic, or even Confused) and the crew will curate choices for your subscription box accordingly. You can also indicate up to three colour preferences that match your mood. For $65 a month, you get a wardrobe worth $115. That definitely will put you in a great mood for shopping every month.

Happy unboxing, lovers!



The Ultimate Guide to Muslim-Friendly & Halal Hotels in Singapore

Despite its relatively small size, Singapore actually houses some of the best Muslim friendly hotels in the world. Whether it is providing prayer rooms, prayer mats and Qibla direction, these hotels have it all. What’s more, these hotels also have some of the best halal restaurants in Singapore. For every hotel that is Muslim friendly and halal Singapore has to offer, read on to find out more.

Royal Plaza on Scotts
Royal Plaza on Scotts is a Muslim friendly hotel owned by the Sultan of Brunei, one of the richest Muslim monarchs in the world. At the hotel lobby, you can find the halal certified restaurant, Carousel, which offers a wide buffet spread and is considered one of the best halal hotel buffet Singapore has to offer. The buffet is so popular that it is usually fully booked by both Muslim and non-Muslim diners on weekends and public holidays. Apart from halal food, the hotel also has a prayer room for both male and female guests which is located near the carpark lobby of the hotel. You can take your ablution within the prayer room itself as there are ablution areas located there. However if you prefer, you can pray and read the holy Quran in the comfort of your hotel room as every room has the holy Quran with the direction of the Qibla being prominently displayed.

Grand Hyatt
Another excellent halal buffet Singapore has to offer is Straits Kitchen located at the ground level of the Grand Hyatt hotel. Incidentally, the Grand Hyatt is located just across the road from Royal Plaza on Scotts. Straits Kitchen offers one of the most sumptuous local cuisines from Malay, Indian to Chinese dishes, all laid out brilliantly in numerous buffet stations. Although the hotel itself doesn’t have a dedicated prayer room like the Royal Plaza on Scotts, there is a nearby mosque, called the Al-Falah Mosque which is about a 10 minute walk from the hotel. And if you prefer to savor meals outside the hotel, you can find numerous halal eateries located within the nearby Far East Plaza, Shaw Towers, Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre and even Orchard Ion.

Fairmont Hotel
Asian Market Cafe in Fairmont Hotel is another prime example of one of the best halal restaurants in Singapore. It offers a delicious buffet that specializes in Asian and local dishes. The hotel staff are also more than willing to provide Muslim guests with information on nearby halal eateries for those who wish to venture out of the hotel for their meals. In terms of being Muslim-friendly, the hotel also offers prayer mats and prayer timetables upon request.

So the next time you are looking for the best Muslim friendly hotels that offer halal food in Singapore, look no further than HalalGo. Whether you need to book Muslim friendly hotels or simply just to find out more information about Halal spots around the world, HalalGo is the ultimate halal guide for any Muslim conscious traveler.

In Content Marketing and SEO Writing, Originality Matters

Content marketing is constantly evolving. Though it retains certain trends from the year prior, it keeps on growing, with new tactics coming out every year.

Creating original content is one of the biggest content marketing trends this 2018

Building a concrete and long-term content marketing strategy was one of the biggest trends last 2017. Creating consistent branded content was important in order to understand your goals, gain the trust, and support of audiences. It was easier for audiences to latch onto a brand knowing that it understood them. This 2018, content marketers are improving their game by focusing on original content.

In-house content development

More and more brands across different industries are building in-house content studios just to reinforce their content marketing strategies. Some of the brands that have in-house content studios are Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, and Goldman Sachs. However, the Native Advertising Institute cautions against this trend which might lead brands to define what the audience needs, and not what they actually need. In-house talent might also be insufficient.

We also saw the shift towards original content late last year when Netflix released its first original film entitled “Bright”. That move was a great way for Netflix to tell audiences their goal of aiming to change online entertainment.

Why does original content matter?

Originality in content marketing matters in order to respond to the various needs of different consumers. According to Entrepreneur magazine, personalisation is also becoming increasingly important this year. Hence, you need to create something unique to your target online buyer personas. If you’re a personal care brand targeting females, you can’t just create general content for all women. You need to develop material that resonates with the experiences and needs of different types of women. By doing so, you are able to effectively communicate your brand and strengthen its overall market value.

Original content in SEO writing

Originality is also important in content writing, particularly SEO content writing. Agencies that provide content marketing services have a tendency to copy content based on what’s trending in their clients’ industries. This year, content marketing writers are compelled to develop material that will set industry trends instead of the other way around.

SEO content writing is gaining ground thanks to the fact that more executives are paying attention to it. More stakeholders are recognising the need for search marketing. The great thing about this is that agencies providing content writing services are now seeing eye-to-eye with clients who were once clueless or wary of search marketing. That’s because companies have come to the realisation that they can only be of real service to their prospective customers if they’re relevant and searchable. The only real way to create a genuine impact on audiences is by creating original and attractive SEO content that they need.


Developing original content is very important to help you become relevant and visible to your future and present clients. It’s the only way you can effectively provide solutions, create impact in their lives and ultimately strengthen your brand overall.

Why Is SEO Crucial For Your E-Commerce Web Site in Singapore?

Regardless whether your e-commerce business in Singapore is considered as a “mom-and-pops” type of online business or a “Wal-Mart”-sized one, the ability to maximize your web site’s search engine rankings is crucial for numerous reasons.

One of the main reason is SEO allows your potential customers or target markets or niches discover your ecommerce site. If your target markets or niches aren’t able to discover it, it’s like putting up a lemonade stand in the middle of the Sahara desert. How can people patronize your online business if they don’t even know it exists?

If you analyze your ecommerce site’s traffic data using its analytics tools, e.g., Google analytics, chances are you’ll see that your main source of online revenue is organic search via search engines. If not, then it’s possible something’s not right in the way you’re managing your ecommerce site.

As the Internet continues to evolve through the years, it has changed the way people and businesses buy products and services. This means that many customers now consider search engines as a crucial part of their informed purchasing decisions. As such, you can’t afford to take SEO for granted if you want your ecommerce business to succeed. Ignoring it means you’re taking a huge risk of making your website invisible to people who may not only need its products and services but also are also willing to pay for them.

Obviously, being invisible to customers will lead to less sales – if any – and will keep your business from growing. Eventually, it will be your ecommerce website’s death knell. On the other hand, it will be your competitors’ lifeblood and will allow them to grow at your expense.

Your ecommerce business is one that can have a huge growth potential. If you’re satisfied with just “good” or “average” search engine rankings, then your business won’t be able to realize that huge growth potential. Ranking as high as possible on search engine rankings is key for sustained significant growth for your ecommerce site.

But most of the time, people aren’t alarmed by missed opportunities for growth as much as shrinkages. Take for example a 50% drop in sales and a missed opportunity to increase sales by 50%. Chances are people will be panicking over the former and only have a “should’ve done better” attitude over the latter. But failure to grow one’s business may be just as fatal as a significant drop in sales, albeit the impact isn’t as immediate. And because the impact isn’t as immediate, it’s tempting to take lack of growth very lightly.

So how then do you improve your website’s ecommerce SEO and greatly increase sale’s growth? One of the logical and cheapest ways is of course to do it yourself. But if you are not experienced in doing so, you may end up not improving your website’s SEO or garnering any sales at all. The next best practical way is definitely to engage a seasoned, trustworthy SEO Agency in Singapore to do your website’s SEO services in Singapore. There are a few notable examples such as Night Owl, a renowned Singapore SEO Company and 786Seo, a content marketing services specialist, depending on that type of SEO that best suits your ecommerce business to do get it ranked high in search engines.

How To Secure a Certificate of Entitlement for Your Vehicle

Congratulations on purchasing your dream car! Now that you own your dream car, you need to obtain the necessary documentary requirements so you can drive it. The first thing that you have to obtain is a Certificate of Entitlement (CoE) from the Land Transportation Authority.

What is a Certificate of Entitlement?

The Certificate of Entitlement grants you the right to own and use your car on Singapore’s limited road spaces. It is valid for ten years.

How do I get a CoE?

You can get a Certificate of Entitlement by bidding for it through the Open Bid Uniform Price Auction. Because the country has limited road space, the government restricts the number of vehicles plying them through a bidding process. The bidding process occurs first and third Monday of the month, beginning 12 pm. It lasts three days and ends on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 4:00 pm. In some cases, the bidding extends until Wednesday of the next week.

You can submit your CoE bid deposits through DBS, Maybank or UOB. If you don’t want to do the bidding yourself, you can assign your car dealer to bid instead. However, that would take you around three to six months.

The bidding process

How much your bid costs depends on how much you are willing to pay for a Certificate of Entitlement. The LTA calls it the reserve price and is different from the bid deposit. Once you name your reserve price, they deduct the amount from your bank account. Bids start at S$10,000 but could go as high as S$50,000 or even S$100,000. The system automatically rejects bidders with insufficient funds in their bank account.

You can revise your bid price anytime during the process. If your bid falls lower than the current CoE price, the system would initially outbid you. You can revise your bid so you could be back in the running. The bid ends once there are enough bidders with reserve prices equal or higher than the current CoE price. Successful bidders pay the new CoE price.

Once your bid is successful, they will give you a temporary CoE which is valid for six months. You need to use this temporary COE or else it will lapse, and you won’t get a bid deposit refund. You also need to pay for your CoE by subtracting your bid deposit from the current CoE price. The price of your CoE is the current CoE price minus the bid deposit.

CoE Renewal

Once your Certificate of Entitlement expires, you have the option to renew it by paying the Prevailing Quota Premium. If you won’t be renewing your CoE, then you have to deregister your car and send it to the scrap yard.

If you opt to go to a scrap yard, then make sure to choose wisely. Choose a scrap yard that has loads of experience with great customer service like Seng Huat Motors Pte. Ltd ( at Paya Ubi Industrial Park. Visit their website at